How To Plant Vegetable Seeds in a Raised Garden Bed in Texas

Hello there!

It’s been several months since I’ve posted.  I think it’s only fair I let you know what’s been happening.

Remember those pretty veggies and fruits I started growing at the beginning of Spring? I have to start over.

*face palm*

Below is a snap of my watermelon (center), squash (right), sweet potato (left) plants.








Truth is I hadn’t been caring for them as I should have. One week I was out of town, which was the start of the craziness.

It’s a bit difficult growing produce in Texas’ hot weather. The scorching sun is just too much.

It’s not difficult though. Preparation is key. Different plants require different amounts of sun, shade, water, fertilizers, etc.

Man, let me tell you, I feel terrible. All that hard work of trying to grow a few things for us. Gone.

But you know what? I’ve decided not to look at it like that.

Here’s a pic of the raised garden bed my husband built for me. Yep, with his bare hands! 🙂

raised garden bed








It was a two-weekend project. He took his time with it. Yes, I helped stain the wood.

You can get your raised garden bed at Amazon, but he wanted to build something. So I let him.

The Steps to Planting Seeds in a Raised Garden Bed

  1. Place a garbage bag or tarp in the bed before laying the soil (If you’re using wood). This is for an added layer of protection.
  2. Poke holes throughout the bag for drainage. You want to make sure the water is draining out. Leave no room for bad bacteria or whatever else happens when there’s sitting water.
  3. Pour the soil. Our raised garden bed was a nice size. It was 8 inches deep and… a lot of inches wide (I forgot the dimensions, forgive me!) We used about 12 bags of organic soil with natural fertilizers.
  4. Plant the seeds. I planted some crooked neck squash seeds. I placed 1-2 seeds about 36 inches apart. But I only planted about 3 LOL. I’m using the other space to plant some greens, such as mustards and cabbage.
  5. Water the soil. I didn’t go too overboard with this because we had a lot of rain all weekend. I think my garden has plenty of water. Hopefully not too much though. We bought one of those soaker hoses.

Those are the easy steps to planting the seeds. If you’re going to plant different veggies or fruits, make sure the plants are compatible with each other if you’re using the same garden bed or pot.

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Thanks for reading.