How To Grow Watermelon in a Container

Watermelon is my favorite fruit, so it was only right for me to attempt growing some.

At first I was hesitant about growing watermelon in a pot because they can get so large. However, after reading different blogs I noticed that it can be done.

First Step: Get Seeds…

There are a few varieties of watermelon. I wanted the kind with the seeds. The real deal. The organic stuff.

While in Home Depot (or one of those stores) I saw a section of organic seeds. Organic Watermelon seeds! It was a very exciting time because I didn’t think I’d see organic seeds at any mainstream store. My reason for going to that store was completely different. I think I was looking for a flower bush to plant in my front garden. I usually do my serious shopping on Amazon.

(By the way, I found some other organic watermelon seeds on Amazon you can use too.)

outdoor potting watermelon seeds

Ok, back to the story.

The watermelon seeds were the Burpee’s All Sweet Watermelon. There’s like 20+ seeds per packet. I don’t think I’ll use THAT much. As I’m thinking, I should have bought another very large container and planted about 5 more seeds. I enjoy eating watermelon THAT much! LOL

Second Step: Get Soil…

Goodness there are many different soils to choose. I went with the organic stuff. You do have to be careful though. If you’re growing in a container or pot, the experts suggest getting potting mix soil. That comes in organic too.

(I didn’t think soil could stink, but I guess if it’s made from real poop and other goodies…)

If you’re planting anything in a really big container then it’ll probably use the whole bag of soil. Be sure to buy enough. Of course you can always go back to the store if you need.

If you want a larger garden and are too good for patio gardens (just kidding) then get ground soil. There’s extra work you have to do to make your yard the perfect growing area. That’s something I wasn’t interested in doing. It was much easier to just start the small patio garden.

Third Step: Plant The Seeds…

Since I used a big pot ( I think it was somewhere around 20-inch pot, maybe more) I was able to plant 5 seeds in it. The directions said plant 5-6 seeds in an area about 3 inches apart. Perfect!

Great things are about to happen!


(My Watermelon pot is the bottom one on the right – the biggest pot.)

Last Step: Watch It Grow…

Right after planting, I watered the heck out of it. Different plants have different requirements such as sunlight and water, etc.

At the beginning plants do require much water. I water my plants every evening.

Let me tell you, they are growing like crazy! Ok, now I’m going to show you the cycle of my 5 watermelon seeds since planting about 12 days ago…

outdoor patio garden watermelon

(This is day 2-4 – Two seeds sprouted!)

outdoor patio garden container watermelon

(Day 5-7 or something like that.)

outdoor patio garden watermelon container

(Day 7-9ish – If you look closely, the 3rd seed sprouted!)

outdoor patio garden watermelon container

(Day 10-present – So, you might have to look very closely or zoom in because you’ll be able to see TWO additional plants sprouting. They’re VERY small at this point.)

Before starting this journey I didn’t know if I had a green thumb or if my plants would wither away and die.

You have to take the time to learn about the care of your plants. It can be a little time consuming especially if you’re a busy person. I’m a busy person and I still enjoy it. I make time for growing my plants because I always remember my reasoning for doing this.

Another thing I’d suggest is investing in an affordable potting table. Your knees and back will thank you so much if you get this. Bending down for long periods at a time can be taxing on your body. I want you to enjoy your hobby as much as I enjoy mine.

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As always, thanks for reading. How is your container garden coming along? I’d love to hear from you!