How Long Can Plants Go Without Water In Texas

I went on a week-long vacation trip. I had only been growing my vegetables and watermelon for about two months.


“How will my plants survive while I’m gone”, I thought. I was stressed out for a moment.

I Googled “How to keep plants watered while on vacation” and found two helpful suggestions.

The first one told me to get a gallon jug and fill it with water. Then poke little holes in a corner and set the jug near the plant. Since I have a few separate pots, I’d have to get a few jugs.

That was the cheaper way.

The other suggested route was to hire someone to water my plants while I was gone. Tempting, but I really didn’t want to do that.

My husband suggested something else: buying one of the automated water systems.

Not the expensive watering system that’s installed underground. (I did think about it though).

It’s the watering automated timer systems that’s hooked onto the water hose.

I thought it was a good idea, so we bought it.

The Results?

water timer for plants

The timer worked perfectly. But my plants didn’t get enough water throughout that week. That was partially my fault because I didn’t position the sprinklers correct enough to get all of my pots.

My plants aren’t dead, but I think they’re holding on to dear life.

Sad, I know.

My vegetables still didn’t get the proper care while I was gone. But I still think this was a great investment. It’s convenient.

I’ll remember to put the sprinklers in front of my pots next time!

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